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The ADE7752A is an accurate active energy measurement IC intended for use in any 3-phase distribution system. It provides instantaneous and average real power based on line current and voltage. The part specifications surpass the accuracy requirements as quoted in the IEC61036 standard. The only analog circuitry used in the ADE7752A is in the ADCs and reference circuit. All other signal processing (e.g., multiplication and filtering) is carried out in the digital domain. This approach provides superior stability and accuracy over extremes in environmental conditions and over time.

Gain calibration between channels is adjusted external to this device. The ADE7752A is available in 24-lead SOIC package. The power consumption of ADE7752A is lower than ADE7752. ADE7752A is recommended for all new designs and may be used as a direct replacement for ADE7752. The parts are functionality and pin compatible.

For additional technical information on your ADE7752A meter design, see AN-641: A 3-Phase Power Meter Based on the ADE7752 (pdf, 507,533 bytes).

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  • Exceeds IEC61036 with less than 0.1% active energy error over dynamic range of 500:1 at 25ºC
  • Pulse Output for Direct Interface to Stepper Motor Counter
  • Additional High Frequency Pulse Output for Fast Calibration
  • On chip Temperature Sensor and Voltage Reference (2.4 V)
  • Selectable Absolute Value or Arithmetic Sum of Phase Energies
  • Very Low Power