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Pelanggan Yang Terhormat, seluruh aktivitas CENTRAL ELECTRONICS di pertokoan JAYA PLAZA dan di Head Office, Ruko Jl. Terusan Jakarta no. 30G Bandung sudah kembali seperti biasa.

Dear Customer, CENTRAL ELECTRONICS menyediakan layanan delivery order via kurir berikut:


IDR 313.500

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  • Pretrimmed for Type J (AD594) or Type K (AD595) Thermocouples
  • Can Be Used with Type T Thermocouple Inputs
  • Low Impedance Voltage Output: 10 mV/C
  • Built-In Ice Point Compensation
  • Wide Power Supply Range: +5 V to 15 V
  • Low Power: <1 mW typical
  • Thermocouple Failure Alarm
  • Laser Wafer Trimmed to 1C Calibration Accuracy
  • Setpoint Mode Operation
  • Self-Contained Celsius Thermometer Operation
  • High Impedance Differential Input
  • Side-Brazed DIP or Low Cost Cerdip

    Typical Application Circuit for AD595

    AD595 Diagram