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ISO-A4-P3-O4 isolated current to voltage converter

IDR 367.500

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ISO-A4-P3-O4 isolated current to voltage converter
Isolated amplifier to convert the analog signal in the form of current into a voltage. IC is commonly used in analog data acquisition applications, interface with analog sensors, long-distance signal transmission, etc..

- Signal input 4mA - 20mA (DC)
- Input impedance of 250 ohms.
- Signal output 0V - 5V (DC).
- Work with the power supply voltage of 5V DC.
- Ability isolation between power, input, and output max. 3000V (RMS).
--- Overall nonlinearity of less than 2%.
- Supports high-frequency signals.
- Anti-jamming EMC.
- Packaging SIP 12 pin, UL94V-0 anti fire.
- Dimensions: 3.2 cm  x 1.4 cmx 0.8 cm

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