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Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361

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Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361
Features of MMA7361: Use MMA7361(instead of MMA7260) cheap and micro capacitor version accelerometer. Support 5V/3.3V input voltage, TR9161 on board, much lower voltage drop compare to 1117, much faster response, very suitable for industrial environment Can be measured by IO of MCU as well as resitor common pins are already pointed out, use standard 2.54mm break away pin header, easy for prototyping Can go to sleep by send command via MCU Dimension:27.9 mm* 16.8mm Features of MMA8452Q: MMA8452Q is a 12 bit resolution smart, low power consumption, capacitor-type micro mechanical accelerator. This product has rich embedded system function, flexible programmer options, up to two interruption. Embedded interruption can save more power, release the MCU from the endless query load. MMA8452Q support ±2g/±4g/±8g range for choosing, it able to output high filter data or non-filter data. Power Supply: 3-5V Dimension: 14.5mm * 20.5 mm IIC digital ouput Up to two interruption function Three motion detection channels: Free fall down or motion detection. Pulse detection Vibration detection Features of MMA7455: Onboard MMA7455 digital output (supports I2C/SPI), low power consumption and compact capacitive micromachined acceleration sensor; Support 5V voltage input, onboard RT9161 power chip, lower pressure drop than the 1117, faster load the appropriate speed, ideal for high noise power environment; The pin has been commonly leads, pin standard 100mil (2.54mm), easy for lattice panels; PCB board sided gold-plated, Size: 24.9 (mm) x12.7 (mm) Documents: Compare freescale sensors on this page. MMA7361L Datasheet See sparkfun Acce module selection guide here.