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Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor

IDR 215.000

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Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor As to environmental temperature and humidity measurement and control,Swiss Sensirion launched the SHT family integrated of digital temperature and humidity sensor,which is undoubtedly a very good choice. Although the prices is a littile more than common analog temperature or humidity sensor, it is good when you need to read an accurate temperature and humidity values. Besides it has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. Economic relative humidity sensor for low cost applications. SHT10 digital humidity and temperature sensor is the low cost version of the reflow solderable humidity sensor series. The accuracies have been opened to a level that guarantees a very competitive price. The capacitive humidity sensor is available up to high volumes and as every other sensor type of the SHTxx family, it is fully calibrated and provides a digital output. We designed this digital temperature and humidity sensor based on most widely used SHT10 from SHT family. Features : 1、Energy consumption : 80uW (at 12bit, 3V, 1 measurement / s) 2、RH operating range : Humidity 0 – 100% RH; Temperature -40~123.8℃ 3、T operating range : -40 – +125°C (-40 – +257°F) 4、RH response time : Humidity <8 sec (tau63%); Temperature < 30s 5、High-accuracy:Humidity ±2.0%RH ; Temperature ±0.3℃(@25℃) 6、Output : digital (2-wire interface) 7、It support IIC interface and 2.54mm standard interface 8、It can be compatible with both 3.3V and 5V