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AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module.

AD9850 DDS Signal Generator Module.
- Model: AD9850
- Color: Green
- Material: PCB + metal
- 2 sine wave and 2 square wave output
- AD9850: 0~40MHz
- After the 20~30MHz frequency harmonics increases, the waveform will be less and less clean
- Square Wave: 0~1MHz
- 70MHz low-pass filter, the waveform is better than SN
- DA pin (PIN12) leads for easy adjustment to do the magnitude of the output waveform application
- Comparator reference input voltage generated by the variable resistor, the resistor can be adjusted duty cycle square wave of different
- Active AD9850 125MHz crystal oscillator modules

Dimensions: 1.77 in x 0.98 in x 0.39 in (4.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.0 cm)
Weight: 0.21 oz (6 g)