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PC923L DIP 8

IDR 33.000

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PC923L DIP 8

Product Summary

The PC923 is a high speed photocoupler for MOS-FET / IGBT drive. The device is suitable for inverter controlled air conditioners.


PC923 absolute maximum ratings: (1)input, Forward current, IF: 20 mA; Reverse voltage, VR: 6 V; (2)Output, Supply voltage, VCC: 35 V; O1 output current, I1: 0.1 A; O1 peak output current, IO1P: 0.4 A; O2 output current, IO2: 0.1 A; O2 peak output current, IO2P: 0.4 A; O1 output voltage, VO1: 35V; Power dissipation, PO: 500 mW; (3)Total power dissipation, Ptot: 550 mW; (4)Isolation voltage, Viso: 5 000Vrms; (5)Operating temperature, Topr: - 25 to + 80℃; (6)Storage temperature, Tstg: - 55 to + 125℃; (7)Soldering temperature, Tsol: 260℃.


PC923 features: (1)built-in direct drive circuir for MOS-FET/IGBT drive; (2)high speed response; (3)wide operating supply voltage range; (4)high noise reduction type; (5)recognized by UL, file No.E64380; (6)high isolation voltage between intput and output.