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6N139 Low Input Current, High Gain Optocouplers

IDR 25.000

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6N139 Low Input Current, High Gain Optocouplers
This high gain optocoupler series  uses a Light Emitting Diode and an integrated high gain photodetector to provide extremely high current transfer ratio between input and output. Separate pins for the photodiode and output stage result in TTL compatible saturation voltages and high speed operation. Where desired VCC and VO terminals may be tied together to achieve convention photodarlington operation.A base access terminal allows a gain bandwidth adjustment to be made.

The 6N139 is for use in CMOS, LSTTL, or other low power application. A 400% minimum current transfer ratio is guaranteed over 0oC to 70oC operating range for only 0.5 mA of LED current.

Selection for lower input current down to 250 mA is available upon request.

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