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MOCD207M 8-pin SOIC Dual-Channel Phototransistor Output Optocoupler

IDR 22.500

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MOCD207M 8-pin SOIC Dual-Channel Phototransistor Output Optocoupler
The MOCD207M device consists of two gallium arsenide infrared emitting diodes optically coupled to two monolithic silicon phototransistor detectors, in a surface mountable, small outline plastic package. It is ideally suited for high density applications and eliminates the need for through-the-board mounting.


  • Closely Matched Current Transfer Ratios
  • Minimum BVCEO of 70 V Guaranteed
    • MOCD207M, MOCD208M
  • Minimum BVCEO of 30 V Guaranteed
    • MOCD211M, MOCD213M, MOCD217M
  • Low LED Input Current Required for Easier Logic Interfacing
    • MOCD217M
  • Convenient Plastic SOIC-8 Surface Mountable Package Style, with 0.050" Lead Spacing
  • Safety and Regulatory Approvals:
    • UL1577, 2,500 VACRMS for 1 Minute
    • DIN-EN/IEC60747-5-5, 565 V Peak Working Insulation Voltage