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30A stepper motor drive
Description: This is a specially designed for high-powered motor drive module, powerful performance module so that it only requires a pair of VNH2SP30 can replace the L298 H -bridge provide full-bridge motor driver, and we strengthened the load capacity of the circuit so that it can drive one pair of high-current motor! Module inputs and motor interface end have adopted 5mm interface terminals, making it easy to connect large size of the wires. When you need to use ultra-high current case, the wires can be soldered directly to the module instead of the terminal connection cable (as the case may be). When the drive current is greater than 6A will heat the chip, in order to improve performance, the best then a heat sink or cooling fan.

Module features:
Maximum input voltage: 16V
Peak drive current: 30A
Sustainable starting current: 14A
Maximum PMW frequency: 20 kHz
The output impedance of only 19mO
Current can be arduino analog input pin detecting
With over-temperature protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection



Eagle Files

Datasheet (VNH2SP30)

Example Code

GitHub (Design Files & Example Code)