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DC Motor Speed Controller Driver PWM 10A

IDR 258.500

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DC Motor Speed Controller Driver PWM 10A
Operating Voltage: DC 9V-60V
  • Output Current: 0 to 20A
  • Output Power: 0-1200W
  • PWM Frequency:25KHz
  • Speed Range: 0-100%
  • Speed Principle: Adjust the current
  • Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Size: 105mm*50mm*33mm/4.13*1.96*1.29"
  • Mounting holes center distance: 104mm
  • Typical applications:
  • DC 9V 12V 24V 48V 60V DC Motor Speed Controller
  • Motor speed control and regulation in RC models, fans and more
  • Small pump control, such as RS-360 motor
  • Temperature control in devices such as soldering irons
  • Brightness control of DC light bulbs
  • Quantity:1pc
  • Package includes:
    • 1 x 9-60V 20A DC Motor Speed Controller