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Minimum system board ATmega16, 32, 8535

IDR 65.000

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Minimum system board ATmega16, 32, 8535
ATMEGA16 ATmega32 Minimum System Board AVR Development

Product Features:
1. 32 I/O pin all the leads.
2. Classic ATmega16 minimum system, eliminating the hassle of soldering.
3. Crystal: The socket hole welding facilitate the buyer to replace the crystal, 8M crystal.
4. Support chips: ATmega16/ATmega32 and chip which pin-compatible.
5. Power supply: power adapter or external expansion pin power supply (not support ISP download interface power supply)
6. DC-005 Power Block (supporting the transposon is 5.5*2.1mm).
7. Expand outside 4 channel VCC, GND.
8. Reset: Power-on reset and reset button.
9. Power LED (D1) and the program run indicator (D2).
10. Standard ISP download interface.