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TTS voice module speech synthesis module text to sound

IDR 365.000

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TTS voice module speech synthesis module text to sound




1 onboard SYN6288 embedded Chinese speech synthesis chip, SYN6288 is a cost-effective, more natural effect of a high-end speech synthesis chip, through the asynchronous serial port to receive the text to be synthesized to achieve a text to voice (TTS) conversion;

2.clear, natural, accurate Chinese speech synthesis effect, any Chinese text can be synthesized to support the English alphabet synthesis;

3 supports GB2312, GBK, BIG5 and UNICODE text format within the code;

4 supports a variety of control commands, comprising: a synthetic, stop, pause synthesis, synthesis continues, change the baud rate, etc.;

5 supports serial data communication interface, supports three communication baud rate: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps;

6 support the hibernation feature in the sleep state to reduce power consumption, the chip supports a variety of ways to work state;

7 supports 16 volume adjustment, background playback volume foreground text and background music volume can be controlled separately;

8.PCB board Dimensions: 18.2 (mm) x39.8 (mm)

Package Included:

1 X   SYN6288 TTS voice module