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2x18W TDA2030A 2.0 Double Track TDA2030A Amplifier DIY Kit 5

IDR 150.000

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2x18W TDA2030A 2.0 Double Track TDA2030A Amplifier DIY Kit 5
This power amplifier template adopted two ST's TDA2030 power amplifier IC, the whole circuit design is reasonable, beautiful and easy, noise, high cost performance, single power supply, input voltage of alternating current (ac) 9 v to 12 v.Components layout is reasonable, strong power (18 wx2), almost no static noise, good listening, less peripheral components, easy to install, very suitable for home audio system modification or add, widely used in all kinds of active speakers. This circuit consists of two channels around, including W101 as the volume potentiometer, W102 bass adjust potentiometer, W103 for high adjust potentiometer.The input audio signal after the volume and tone control by the C106, C206 sent to TDA2030 integrated audio power amplifier power amplifier.State of the working circuit in the dual power supply (OCL), audio signal by TDA2030 1 foot (synthetic input) input, after power amplification of the signal output from 4 feet, including R108, C107, R109 negative feedback circuit, it can make circuit stable work, R108 and R109 magnification ratio determines the TDA2030 communication, R110, C108 and R210 and C208 high-frequency vibration cancellation circuit, to suppress high frequency self-excited oscillation may occur. Description Working voltage: communication Double 9 ~ 12 v Maximum output power: left and right channel 18 w x2 (horn), 8 of Output impedance: 8 o PCB size: 12 * 5.5 cm