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ADS1256 module 24 bit adc

IDR 415.000

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ADS1256 module 24 bit adc

1. The power input terminals, top to ground, the bottom is + 5 v.

2. LT3461 power chip, high ripple noise rejection ratio.


4. LP2985, they can effectively filter out low frequency noise, have a very pure + 5 v, provide ASD1256 analog power supply.

5. For high precision benchmark ADR431BRZ, B series. Benchmark chip, to produce a high accuracy of 2.500000 V.

6. The benchmark holes.

7. Analog input, AIN0 AIN7 - a total of eight input port, can be a single-ended input, eight independent can also do a 4 a differential input, AIN0 and AIN1 as a group, with AIN2 AIN3 AIN4 and AIN5 AIN6 AIN7.

8. Analog input port.

9. Input resistance and decay resistance. Decay resistance not welding by default.

10. ADS1256 master control chip.

11. AMS1117-3.3 v for ADS1256 provide digital voltage.

12. NSK brand crystals, 7.68 MHZ.

13. Communication interface with MCU.




Part of the program code shows :


* Name : Ad1256Ini ()
* Function: initialize ADS1256
* Entrance parameters : ain_slect: channel selection pga: Built- gain selection fdat: conversion rate
* Export parameters: 0 : Initialization failed 1 : Initialization successful



 void Ad1256Ini(void)

  uint8 zz;
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(RESET);
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(SYNC);                
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(WAKEUP);                
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(WREG|STATUS);        
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(3);
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(0x04);                //STATUS:  MSB ;AOTO ColCalibration;BUFFER DISABLEED
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(0X0F);                //MUX   :  AIN0
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(0X20);                //ADCON :  FCLK IN;SENSOR DETECT OFF;PGA 1
  zz = SpiMasterSendData(0XD0);                //DRATE :  Ads1256Fdata 15KSPS