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12V Linear Actuator 10mm/s speed 50mm stroke 1000N 100KG Waterproof 220 pounds

IDR 725.000

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12V Linear Actuator 10mm/s speed 50mm stroke 1000N 100KG Waterproof 220 pounds
Product Name: linear electric putter
Technical Parameters:
1. Rated power: 20W maximum 30W
2. Permanent magnet DC motor drive; Voltage: 12V, ,
3. Putter two stroke limit switch at each end, telescopic rod to run in the end or to the top, it will automatically disconnect the power. The motor will not run idle. Any position cut off the power can also be parked in, with self-locking.
4. Putter is a DC motor drive, screw drive. The telescopic rod can only be extended and retracted without rotation.
5. Motor is positive and negative poles. For example, positive extension, negative reduction. Change the rod can change the direction of expansion.
6. Ambient temperature -20 ℃ to +75 ℃. (Can be added according to customer requirements -40 ℃ antifreeze)
7. Standard protection class: IP54.
8. Low noise design, the noise level is lower than 42dB.
9. Putter warranty period of one year, non-quality issues do not support returns. Unauthorized installation without permission.
10. Push rod material: aluminum alloy.
11. Product features: to drive other objects push, pull; rise and fall effect.

12. Applications: TV lifts, massage beds, electric beds, medical chairs, electric equipment, micro-equipment, electric sofas, camera racks, cameras and so on.