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FT232RL module USB to TTL (UART) 3.3V/5V

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FT232RL module USB to TTL (UART) 3.3V/5V
The best FT232RL chip with USB2.0, USB power supply with overcurrent protection, using 500MA resettable fuse to protect your computers and devices! More stable performance! !

This product uses a new design into the USB port. ByPlug jumper capYou can freely choose the 3.3V and 5V TTL level, andSet aside 1.8-3V TTLLevel Select, in the factory using spontaneous admission 10W-byte test! !

Introduction FT232R
With the development of computer technology, parallel and serial ports on the PC slowly disappeared, and now even the parallel port of the desktop are rare. But for engineers, parallel and serial interfaces are essential, especially in the serial. For computers without serial ports, the most convenient solution is to use USB to serial chip to virtual serial port out, many manufacturers have produced such a chip, such as silicon LABS of CP210x series, TI's TUSB3410, Nanjing Qin Heng CH34x series, FTDI's FT232 series, Prolific's PL230x series, Echo's ARK3116 so on. From the stability point of view, the most reliable or FT232 series, you can use it to ease the debugging process without fear of a blue screen appears.
FT232R chip is a single-chip solution, generally do not need to use basic peripherals, and even crystal, USB matching resistor, place the product information have been integrated in the internal EEPROM of the. FT232R There are some more useful features, details can be found FT232R data sheet.


Introduction hardware
· Using FTDI FT232RL chip companies;
· FT232RL chip lead all the signal port, TTL / CMOS level;
· RXD / TXD Transceiver Communications LED;
· USB-powered, 5V or 3.3V selectable interface level (if you need other levels can be directly provided on the VCC and GND pin target voltage).

· FT232R the windows driver;
· Serial debugging software.

Driver download

Direct Download (for x86) 20WHQL%